things socom 4 needs to fix:

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things socom 4 needs to fix:

Post by BENDER-FLEXO on Fri 11 Jun 2010, 2:16 pm

1. Being able to shoot while jumping or falling.
2. I wish they would bring the cover me button back.
3. The run button sucks, old socom had no run button.
4. being able to kill someone while in the water, remember hiding in the water with the bomb. No one could kill you even if they swam next to you.
5. being able to look at the score board while playing the game.

please add some if you have any more!


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Re: things socom 4 needs to fix:

Post by Admin on Fri 11 Jun 2010, 3:00 pm

-Reload Speed (make it snappy and quick, unlike confrontation)

-Strafing ( we want to feel loose and free, quick is the key here )

-Run Speed ( FAST, it's obvious we like speed, and Zipper has done that well in the past, so keep it fast!)

-Sprint ( keep it out, we'd rather run with our guns-a-blazing, the realism factor doesn't need to be present )

-Prone Dive ( we want the ability to dive down, stay down, or be able to pop back up quick, limitless, like in Socom 2)

-Prone Lean ( this should be enabled regardless how much realism your going for )

-Jump/Climb (boy is this implementation missed, we like to climb objects quickly, and objects that seem climbable too )

-Gun Switching ( Again with the free-feeling factor, fast, fast, fast, in a gunfight we want quick access to other weapons)

-Reload v2 (we'd like to do it fast as mentioned, but uninterrupted and also in mid-air, that limitation failed in S:CON)

-Firing Mid-Air ( Socom 3 was a little carried away, S:CON disabled it, and Socom 2 did it juuuuuust RIGHT!)

-Character ( make him ambidextrous as Zipper always has, it gives a much neater appearance and plays better as well)

-Lean ( make it useful, unlike Confrontation where you virtually had to put your whole body out to fire)

-Speed Summary ( overall faster movements cause for more exciting gunfights, hence the addiction we know and love)

So, overall, essentially give us the formula of animation and movement's from your past games on the PS2, but selecting certain elements from each game and their the animations like the ones listed above.

-First Person View ( all past Zipper Socom's implemented this as the secondary view, and that's how we like it, simple as that)

-Weapon Selecting ( for the love of mankind this is not GRAW, Socom 1 and 2 perfected weapon selection, don't go changing)

-11 Rounds ( We like this number, ALOT, and we like to earn our tiebreakers via battlefield, not by computer decision; s1,2,3)

-Movement ( see MOVEMENT AND ANIMATION section; movement is another valued "feel" we missed in Confrontation )

-Bomb Respawn ( why Slant Six decided to do this is a mystery, Zipper's non respawning bomb is definitely our preference )

-Bomb Pick Up ( pressing a button to perform an animated pick up just felt like betrayal, a simple walk-over always worked)

-Custom Taunts ( We miss these, badly, it's a small feature we absolutely LOVE, who doesn't like custom taunting? )

-Grenade Taunting ( Again, Zipper had these in all their games, Slant Six went bye bye with it. We want it back! Raheelah! )

-Grenades From Dead ( if a dead player has grenades on them, we should be able to pick them up, i.e Socom 2)

-Bullet Spray ( reduce the bullet spray, put in a system like Socom 1's accuracy set-up in virtually every aspect )

-Scoreboard ( Socom 1's between round scoreboard and Socom 2's in game scoreboard, we'd like to see total kills!)

-Side Switching ( Confrontation tried doing this at the halfway mark, and honestly, it's better off being 1 side per game )

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