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Post by Admin on Wed 24 Dec 2008, 4:13 pm

1. You are allowed to speak your mind on the Forums. Cussing is OK in a mild manner to show your passion or concern for a subject. Cussing is not allowed when targeted at a certain individual. But be open and have fun. We are adults so don't worry about posting something Rated R, it's ok. Rated X is not allowed.

2. [BER] is all about good people who are willing to come together using one central location to discuss games, consoles, or anything that may be of interest to you. We don't focus on one game to play. BEER is a clan of numerous gamers, just represent the Clan by wearing the [BER] - [BEER] tag on what ever game you are playing.

3. If your old enough to take a bullet for your Country, good to go for The Beer Clan. No wannabe internet tough guys or heavy complainers. If you have the need to throw a controller at your flat screen television, yell in the mic and every other word is a cuss word, [BER] is not for you.

4. Please leave all racial comments, politics, and sexual discussions out of the forum and during game play. Watch CNN if your feeling politcally correct today.

5. We are a non-glitching Clan. If you are suspected of glitching or in a glitch room, you will be asked to leave [BER] and you will be banned from the forum.

6. [BER] members will stick up for each other, do not let an outsider bad mouth anyone in [BER], we will talk trash when trash is thrown our way. Try and "Be Mature" If someone is talking trash DO NOT GREEN UP, we will control the room by doing this. Go get a Beer, Coke or whatever it is you can do for a few miniutes. Just don't use the mic and eventually they will leave, it works, we have done it numerous times.

7. A Clans biggest downfall is not having respect for each other. Everyone has their own views and style of play, so lets be fair and have an open mind with each other. Just a reminder, if your having a bad day, it's just a video game with the power button on the back and game stop will take your PS3 on trade for a Crackbox 360.


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