SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation 2 a reality.


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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation 2 a reality.

Post by RadRon on Tue 27 Dec 2011, 6:00 am

OK, so I'm a SOCRACK addict, ever since I had my first taste of SOCOM back in '02, I've been hooked. Well, ever since SOCOM 3 was released the "small" changes to the game started making it dull for me, and not like the SOCOM I loved. As time went on, SOCOM 4 was released, and it was like giving a crackhead some baby powder. Now I'm stuck without a good SOCOM game, and I can safely say that I need my fix, because MW3 takes no skill, BF3 is a camper's wet dream, and SOCOM 4 is just awful.

Regardless, ever since Confrontation came out, I always had ideas in the back of my head for the game to make it better and conform more to SOCOM standards. Now, Slant Six had some pretty good ideas, but it's obvious they really didn't do a good job of programming them. I will admit that the 1.60 patch made the game decent, and I enjoyed the game a lot (Except for the Specialization System which in my opinion killed the experience), but it was ridiculous how poorly the game was programmed during release. Since Confrontation and S4 are practically dead, I thought now may be a good time to post my ideas (even if it's in vain).

The Ideas:

Maps - Maps from past SOCOM games that should be in the game.

Game Modes - Games Modes from past SOCOM games that should be included.

Armory - Weapons (and a loose order of what teams they should be on), Attachments, Equipment, and Camo that should be in the game.

Teams - This will be better explained soon.

Controls - The basic layout for the controls, and how it can be customized.

Features - The basic gameplay features of the game.

Miscellaneous - Random things that are not important in any way, and are meant for the sole purpose of being cosmetic.


SOCOM has always had amazing maps in my opinion, and to see all my favorite PS2 maps return onto the PS3 will make me one happy customer. I've gathered the maps from SOCOM, SOCOM 2, SOCOM 3, and Combined Assault. The maps should be remade in a sense that the only changes to them will be that buildings that were once inaccessible will now be accessible. Along with with renewed graphics, and some good ambient noise, the old maps will practically be new. Also, the large maps from SOCOM 3 and Combined Assault should be added as part of a "Convoy Pack". Here are the maps that should be STANDARD in the game (More Pictures Coming Soon):

After Hours
Bitter Jungle
Blood Lake
Chain Reaction
Death Trap
Desert Glory
Fish Hook
Fox Hunt
Last Bastion
Night Stalker
Rat's Nest
Shadow Falls
The Mixer

The Ruins
Tidal Fury

Here are the maps the should come with the Convoy DLC:

Boot Camp
Devil’s Road
Killing Fields
Storm Front

Game Modes:

What's a shooter game without good game modes? SOCOM has always set the standard on what a good tactical game mode is, and I've loved having the feeling of working with my Clan in order to achieve a certain objective(s). These game modes should be standard in the game:

Suppression - Each team must try to eliminate the enemy team. Failure results in the team with the most remaining players winning.

Demolition - Each team must retrieve an explosives satchel from a neutral map location and plant it at the enemy team's base. Failure results in a draw.

Breach - The SEALs must set timed C4 charges on multiple entries to The Opposing Force's base to gain entry. Once inside, The SEALs must plant an explosives satchel inside The Opposing Force's base. Failure results in Opposing Forces winning.

Extraction - The SEALs must rescue 3 hostages being held by The Opposing Forces behind enemy lines, and then extract them from the battlefield. Failure results in The Opposing Forces winning.

Escort - The SEALs must escort 3 VIPs to an extraction point(s) behind enemy lines while The Opposing Forces attempt to kill the VIPs. The SEALs win if they successfully extract 2 of the VIPs from the battlefield. The Opposing Forces win if The SEALs do not extract the VIPs, or if The Opposing Forces kill 2 of the VIPs.

Control - Each team must try to capture all five control points (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo) before the enemy team does. Whichever team captures all five or holds the most points by the end of the round wins. A draw is achieved if each team has captured an equal amount of points by the end of the round.

Arms Run - The Opposing Forces must activate and defend 3 randomly placed missile launch sites while The SEALs attempt to destroy the missile launchers. The Opposing Forces win if they successfully fire 2 of the launchers. The SEALs win if The Opposing Forces do not fire the launchers, or if the SEALs destroy 2 of the launchers.

Like I said earlier Convoy could be added as a DLC pack for those who like the game mode:

Convoy - The Opposing Forces control a convoy of vehicles through multiple breach points to gain possession of cargo, which then needs to be returned to a specified drop point. The Opposing Forces must return at least one cargo shipment to the drop zone while The SEALs must destroy both convoys, or prevent The Opposing Forces from carrying any cargo to the drop point.


The blood of a shooter game are the weapons. I've gathered a list of guns that should be included standard, and a loose order (that means that I'm aware of how unrealistic the order is, I ordered it like this for gameplay reasons. The SEALs have exceptionally better weapons than the Opposing Forces, and that's how it would be like in real life. SEALs get better weapons, OPFOR have the advantage of the location. However, I don't really like the order of the Snipers however) of what teams they should be on (Statistics coming soon, pictures possibly coming soon).


Primary Weapons:

Assault Rifles

Colt M16A4


H&K HK417


H&K G36C


Colt M4A1

Nexter FAMAS-G2


Submachine Guns





Sniper Rifles

Remington M40A5

Accuracy International L118A1

McMillan TAC-50

Knight's Armament SR-25

Light Machine Guns

Saco Defense M60E4

FN Mk. 48



Secondary Weapons:


Benelli M1014

Franchi SPAS-15



H&K P9S (Suppressed)

SIG P226

H&K MK23

Glock M18C

IMI Desert Eagle .50

Launchers (Unranked Only)

Saab AT4

China Lake

Opposing Forces:

Primary Weapons:

Assault Rifles

Izhmash AN-94

Steyr AUG-A2

Izhmash AK-47

Izhmash AK-105

Izhmash AKS-74U


SIG SG-552

Izhmash AK-107

AS Val

Submachine Guns

Skorpion vz. 61


Izhmash PP-19

FN P90

Sniper Rifles


SIG SSG-3000

Berrett M107A1

Izhmash SVD

Light Machine Guns

STK Ultimax-100

Izhmash RPK-74

Izhmash PKM

IMI Negev

Secondary Weapons:


Winchester M1300

Franchi SPAS-12

Deawoo USAS-12


Izhevsk PM

Beretta M92FS

FN Five-seveN

Glock M18C

IMI Desert Eagle .50

Launchers (Unranked Only)

Bazalt RPG-7

Milkor MGL




Red Dot Sight

Reflex Sight

Low-Powered Scope

ACOG Scope

Thermal Scope

Medium-Powered Scope

12X Scope

High-Powered Scope

Short-Ranged Suppressor

Medium-Ranged Suppressor

Long-Ranged Suppressor

Front Grip


Laser Sight

Rifle Bipod

Machine Gun Bipod

Shotgun Bipod

Frag Grenade Launcher (Unranked Only)

Concussion Grenade Launcher (Unranked Only)

Smoke Grenade Launcher

Flash Grenade Launcher

Masterkey Shotgun


M67 Fragmentation Grenade

MK3A2 Concussion Grenade

AN-M8 Smoke Grenade

M84 Stun Grenade

M18A1 Claymore Mine

Timed C4 Charges

Double Ammo

Special Suits (Adds a bit of extra weight, but does NOT increase health)

Ghille Suit

Scuba Suit

With all this weaponry available in the game, the game would be very diverse, and much more fun to play. All of these weapons should be portrayed realistically unless it has an obvious advantage over the rest (namely the FAMAS-G2 and SR-25).


Now, this game MUST be about the Navy SEALs, but instead of them facing only terrorists (or mercenaries), I think they should battle against many different forces depending on location, and their attire should also change depending on location. For Example:

Desert Maps: SEALs (while wearing the Commando and SEAL Armors) vs Terrorists (while wearing the Desert Mercenary Armor)

Urban Maps: SEALs (while wearing the RPIMA and KCT Armors) vs Terrorists (while wearing brand new armor made for the game)

Arctic Maps: SEALs (while wearing the Spetnaz Armor) vs Insurgents (while wearing the Arctic Mercenary Armor)

Woodland Maps: SEALs (while wearing the SAS and KSK Armors) vs Insurgents (while wearing brand new armor made for the game)

Jungle and Swamp Maps: SEALs (while wearing the UOE and Col Moschin Armors) vs Guerillas (while wearing brand new armor made for the game)


Now, any good shooter game should have smooth, easy to use controls. So here's my go at it:

X - Action

O - Knife

Triangle - Crouch (Hold to Prone)

Square - Change Fire Mode

L1 - Quickswap Weapon

R1 - Fire Weapon/ Use Equipment

L2 - Switch to Equipment 1

R2 - Switch to Equipment 2

Up - Zoom in to First Person View (Press again to zoom into scope)

Left - Lean Left

Down - Zoom out (hold to activate night vision)

Right - Lean Right

Left Stick - Move (Make it like SOCOM 2, so that the farther I push the sick, the faster I run)

Right Stick - Look around

L3 - Jump

R3 - Reload

Select - View Scoreboard

Start - View Pause Menu

Of course every person is different, so I think Lefty Flips should be added. Also, the option to move around ANY command to ANY button. If you're wondering where the Talk and Run buttons are, I removed them (I'll explain later) to open up buttons for equipment slots, this way the weapon wheel is no longer needed, but you can still access all your gear. Unlike COD, you won't just use the equipment on the spot, you will instead switch to it so you can have it on hand for when you feel ready to use it.

Gameplay Features:

Now, the features of a game are important, things like how health will work, how the shooting works, and how the game pretty much runs is key to a smooth, fun experience. Here are some of my ideas for the gameplay features.

Non-Regenerative Health: SOCOM has always been about realistic shootouts, and health-regeneration just doesn't belong into the franchise.

Recoil-Only Aiming: Like I said earlier, SOCOM is about realism, and a bullet-bloom system, no matter how small is not realistic. Aiming should basically be a recoil-only system, with no bullet spread what so ever. This will teach a player to control his recoil, and develop a game truly around bursting.

Grenade Arch: Another great feature that made throwing grenades simpler, a grenade arc can help prevent somebody from hitting the edge of a window and making the grenade bounce back into their hands.

Open-Microphone System: This may be the most controversial idea... Open-Mic isn't bad at all (it's just the Call of Duty community that makes it look bad), there's a mute feature for a reason. It's not that hard to mute another player. On top of that it frees up a button for an extra command, and makes it easier to communicate important info. For example, when your playing with your clanmates during a tornament (when people don't usually talk about trivial matters), wouldn't you rather be able to tell your friend on the spot when an enemy is (or that an enemy is behind him), instead of having to wait for the mic to be open? Also, during casual games it's dumb to have PTT when some jerk is holding down the mic to say something stupid or fart in it (I've actually had somebody do that) or something, of course you can vote him, but muting him is way simpler. The game lobbies are even worse with the PTT system. Lastly, ask yourself, how many times have you had to use the mic just to tell somebody to "stop holding the mic"? Well, that's just how I see it. I understand most of the SOCOM community likes PTT, but I always thought it to be very encumbering to fast and effective gameplay. Remember, it's still a game after all, and it's not so bad to just casually talk during a game ranked or unranked.

Proximity chat: This was a great feature, but please add an option so I can mute MYSELF so that my family's background activity doesn't give away my position. Some people's mics don't have a mute button, and going into the XMB menu everytime or turning the mic off is a hassle.

User Created Ranked Rooms (Credit goes to P-Noozi for making an amazing thread that captured the importance of U.C.R.R's): http://community.us.playstation.com/thread/3435770

Classic Camera: The SOCOM series has always been the best when it comes to third person, and I mean REAL third person, no OTS view, no behind the head crap, just pure and simple behind the back gameplay, with the option of choosing how far away the camera should be to my soldier.

First-Person View:

Dark night maps: You remember when Confrontation had pitch-black night maps? That would've been a smart move if the night vision ACTUALLY worked. Dark night maps will force a player to adapt to his surroundings, and use night vision outdoors more often.

Third Person Night Vision: Night maps can only be enjoyable if I can see what the heck I'm doing, a third person night vision feature will be very important.

Lobby Chat: For the player without a mic. Remember when you didn't have a mic, but could still talk to the rest of the players in the lobby? Yeah, me too...

Other Stuff:

These are just some other things that really don't matter in any way, to be honest I could care less if none of this was in the game:

Colored Smoke Grenades - These are just for ******* around really, nothing special besides having something to do in a respawn. The Colors available should be Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple.

Gun Camouflage - This actually might be a good thing to introduce into SOCOM, but still not important. The Camos available should be the same that are given for the Armor

Custom Sight Lens and Recticles - If you're going to take ANYTHING from Call of Duty, take this, breath some fun into an otherwise serious game.

Custom Laser Sights - Hah, a little fun thing that I came up with, basically show off you shiny new laser. Colors should be Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple.

Other than that Confrontation had a pretty solid interface, with a little polishing Confrontation 2 could be a huge success with the SOCOM Community.

----------------------------------------------------Signature---------------------------------------------------- Please help me make my dream of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation 2 a reality. Support my post, add more ideas, start some polls. Try to message Sony, Zipper, or even Slant Six, as long as this game gets made the way it should be, true to its roots, and loyal to the true SOCOM fans. With all the things that a SOCOM game should be made of... http://community.us.playstation.com/message/36482502#36482502


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Re: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation 2 a reality.

Post by RadRon on Tue 27 Dec 2011, 6:02 am

lets see what happens and see if zipper can do something right this time..

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Re: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation 2 a reality.

Post by Admin on Thu 29 Dec 2011, 8:41 pm

I hope so Ron, we are way over due for a game that brings us all back together again. Socom was that game until the PS3 hit the shelves and ruined it all.

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Re: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation 2 a reality.

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