Greetings from de Bunk King and Thor's Hammer Clan

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Greetings from de Bunk King and Thor's Hammer Clan

Post by [T^H]DeBunkKing on Thu 01 Sep 2011, 10:39 am

Hello Beer Clan! I don't know why it's taken me so long to find my way over here. But here I am now. AND I think it's a pretty sad thing that I've never played with any of Beer Boys. But it is a big world. How have you all weathered Hurricane SoCrap 4? Our clan is in the gradual process of rebuilding, not with new players but with reassembling our veterans. And when the servers co-operate we have been having some awesome nights on Confrontation. Before SoCrap 4 we had enlisted 30 solid players who met our exacting requirements. One of the last fights we had, we had 19 clannies on, the largest turnout ever, for our (then) two year old clan. But then SoCrap 4 dropped, and while we were starting to enjiy the beta, the Release sucked a dead dogs nose and loved it. Every time they patched it, it just worse and worse until not even this fan boy could stand it. So I sold my copy on Half.com for $32 and bought Fracture, PoP The Forgotten Sands, and The Last Samurai and was instantly ten times happier. Our clannie TopekaHawke sold his on ebay for $37.

We're all pretty stoked by the rumor that the earlier Socoms are to be converted to HD, which I tend to believe just because of the updating of PoP, GoW, and the myriad other PS2 games now available on the store.

While our foundation was laid in Socom, we have since become a broad based Gaming Clan. We spent the summer and fall on Bad Company 2 when it released. We rolled MAG before it got laggy, and we are currently awaiting Battlefield 3 (my wife thought their E 3 preview was actual footage)

Come check us out at ThorsHammerClan.com and if you register for the forum send us a message (if you can, I need to review the process) so we know you're not spam and I'll try and friend Paul-Awol on the network. And thanks Paul for that latest email; that sums up Socom perfectly and it's a travesty what Corperate and those no imagination hacks at Zipper did. No wonder they lost all their developers to EA.

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Re: Greetings from de Bunk King and Thor's Hammer Clan

Post by PAUL-AWOL- on Sun 04 Sep 2011, 12:14 pm

Thanks for the visit, everything has been really slow on our end since Socom 4 flopped. Many of us are so wide spread out that we average 4 or 5 per game. Last night I played Call of Dookie with about 5 of Beer and that is usually the norm on all shooter games for us, no one is really devoted to one game anymore,,, well except my bud RADRON who loves Battlefield. LOL.

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