Wounded Warrior Project

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Wounded Warrior Project

Post by major_woody_ on Mon 27 Dec 2010, 8:19 am

The Wounded Warrior Project, is a program that I have been active with, for sometime now.
WWP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, That was formed by a group of veterans.
Being a veteran, like many of the ther members in [DIE] clan are.
And we still have [DIE] members that are currently active.
As well as some family members, that are currently in theater.
To me, The WWP is a way to help, a way to salute, and a way honor our wounded brothers.
I would like to make a strong push to get the word out about WWP.
If you can't donate, then please spread the word about WWP.
With our strong Allie base, I'm hoping that you will put a link of WWP on the [BER] site.
And, if you could spread the word to your other Allied clans, and have them put a link on their site as well.
Lets form a strong ring, and show our heroes that we appreciate their courage and sacrifice.

About WWP
Wounded Warrior Project began when several individuals took small, inspired actions to help others in need.

One night while watching the evening news, a group of veterans and brothers were moved by the difficult stories of the first wounded service members returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq. They realized then and there that something needed to be done for these brave individuals beyond the brass bands and ticker tape parades.

The resulting objective was to provide tangible support for the wounded and help them on the road to healing, both physically and mentally. What had been initially viewed as a small contribution (compared with what the warriors had sacrificed while serving our country) has become WWP's signature program:"WWP backpacks delivered bedside to wounded warriors."

For more information on WWP, please visit: WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT

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Re: Wounded Warrior Project

Post by I_Seiran_I on Wed 05 Jan 2011, 4:16 pm

I think its great you are a part of WWP. I think there should be no problem putting a link on the site somewhere Smile

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Re: Wounded Warrior Project

Post by Admin on Wed 05 Jan 2011, 5:26 pm

Well considering I am a 21 year Vet of the Armed Forces, Iam all for this. Yes I will put a link up for support when I get home today.

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Re: Wounded Warrior Project

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