A long time Socom Buddy of mine "Reaper___" [SHM]


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A long time Socom Buddy of mine "Reaper___" [SHM]

Post by Admin on Fri 01 Oct 2010, 12:31 pm

You know it is more than just a game when you find out that one of your clan members needs a maintenance manual for a Perkin-Elmer DNA Sequencer, and you send him your spare copy. (this happened) When one of your members needs a new headset and can't afford one so someone in the clan sends him one. (so did this).

When you here a knock at the door and two old clan mates, one from Houston and the other from Long Island, are standing on your porch and you try to figure out who is who. (always a challenge)

When one of the members of your clan is your son-in-law, one a grandson, and another a guy you were barracks with in the military in 1972.

When you go to the next town over to watch two members of another clan you are friends with, shoot in a pool tournament.

When one of your younger members announces he is going to kill himself and logs off. You contact another member in NY that knows the lad's cell phone number, and you have the local police go to his house in VA. He was pissed but his parents conveyed a "thank you" to us later over the incident. The lad was 15 then but a junior in college now.

SOCOM spans years for many and Paul is also one of my oldest SOCOM friends.

Many of you young'un spend your waking hours in front fo the game consoles. Many of us are older and have busy lives outside of video games but there is always room for a new friend and SOCOM has always afforded the opportunity, more than any other PS game, to get to know people and forge great teams and long lasting friendships.

A very unique game.

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