socom 2 HD Rumor or Reality


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socom 2 HD Rumor or Reality

Post by Admin on Fri 16 Jul 2010, 8:55 am

SOCOM II HD a Reality?

We just called Sony up to find out what was going on. Apparently they are having some server issues. The rep told us normally when they disconnect the servers permanently they are told in advance, that’s not the case with SOCOM II servers.

Our staff noticed the Socom 2 servers were “unavailable”. Our first thought, was that the Socom 2 multiplayer had officially ran it’s course and closed it’s doors.
So we thought to ourselves, “they must have shut down the SOCOM 1 servers as well. Bummer”.
But to our surprise, the Socom 1 servers are still active! Not to mention SOCOM 3 and Combine Assault are still running strong.
We ran across the following response from Sony,
“We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing in playing Socom 2 online with your Playstation(R)2 computer entertainment system. The game server is no longer available to play online.”
Above was proven to be a fake quote.
Notice they included the words “with your Playstation(R)2 computer entertainment system”.
Why would the Socom 1 servers still be up, but the MOST popular Socom title to date closes their doors?
This might be the only indication we get that SOCOM II HD might actually make it, if that’s the case a lot of people will be happy. IGN recently did an article on SOCOM II HD, we’ve generated thousands of votes. Could this little bit of information really be what we’ve been waiting for?
Only time will tell.
Stay tuned for Socast: Episode 9 this weekend where your Socast crew can’t wait to dive into this topic!

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