BP OIL well update. Gulf of Mexico


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BP OIL well update. Gulf of Mexico

Post by Admin on Wed 14 Jul 2010, 10:11 am

BP Well Cap's Testing Delayed. The delay on testing the cap on BP's blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico received heavy media attention, especially on television, where it led all three major network newscasts. The AP (7/14, Breen, Weber) reports that BP says it will delay testing the new cap on the blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. "BP and federal officials did not say what prompted the decision or when the testing would begin." Once closing the valves on the cap begins, it could take six to 48 hours to finish.
NBC Nightly News (7/13, lead story, 2:55, Williams) reported, "There is a cap over that oil well. It is not the final solution. The hopes are, it will hold the oil for now, at least, while those other so-called relief wells bore in." NBC (Thompson) added, "The test will take up to two days and possibly stop the gusher until a relief well can shut it down for good."
The CBS Evening News (7/13, lead story, 3:40, Couric) reported, "The attempt to get control of that runaway oil well has moved into a critical new phase. With a new cap in place, the next step is to pressure test it to see how tight the seal is. ... As oil continues to spread across the Gulf, the Obama Administration today sent BP another cleanup bill. This one for nearly $100 million." CBS (Strassmann) added, "This is a moment of truth for BP, a company eager to rebuild its reputation and end this crisis."



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