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Zipline Podcast 11 Empty Zipline Podcast 11

Post by Admin on Sat 10 Jul 2010, 12:34 pm

Zipline Podcast - Episode 11 Posted by Chris Roper, Community Specialist, Zipper Interactive

This week's episode of Zipline (which is, of course, the official Zipper Interactive podcast) features none other than Alan Van Slyke, Director of Production here at Zipper. He's been in the industry for many moons and dives into the ins and outs, whys and why nots of videogame creation in this episode. Do get to listening, won't you?
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Zipline Podcast, Episode 11
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07-09-2010 07:40 PM

Indeed it is.--------------------

Chris Roper
Community Specialist, Zipper Interactive

Summarization of the SOCOM portion

  • No jump to climb. Levels aren't designed this way. However, hurdling over objects has been shown in SP, so obviously there's some animations for getting over/around objects.
  • Multiple qeues for giving orders to your team. You can have them do one task, and immidiately go to the next.
  • The idea of adding MP only to the PSN Store is appealing to them.
  • They discussed showing, what I assume to be, MP in upcoming trade shows.
  • SOCOM4 will be using a similar engine to MAG, but many upgrades and will be much better.
  • Unlockables are a go. Whether they will be online or not has not been confirmed, but it appears this way. Trophies are more than likely NOT going to be tied to these unlockables.

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